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Sports & Branding

Working as liaison, we follow a strategic approach founded in research to create solutions that deliver measurable impact for players, teams and company sponsors alike.

Program Development

We collaborate with schools and sports organizations to provide a growth centered plan around your specific needs. We assist in achieving your organization’s vision, goals and objectives.

Talent Management

We’re dedicated to maximizing player opportunities through contract negotiation, personal brand management and consulting services.

Player Development

Our Player Development approach consists of four levels of development: Introductory, Foundational, Advanced and Performance. Each level takes the player through progressive development techniques based on their basketball experience and training skills in respect to their age, career level and/or physical attributes


African Countries

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NCAA African Players


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African NBA Players

Player Training and Team Development Program

Performance Training

Group Workouts

Team Training Camp

One on one training

+3 or more players in a group

Custom practices to meet your team’s specific needs/goals

60 minute individual workout

Custom workout designed specifically for group needs

3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 10-day camps are available

Basic & advanced skill development (including): shooting, ball-handling,footwork, defense, strength &conditioning

90 minute workout

In depth analysis of team strengths and weaknesses to design intended outcomes

Competitive drills and competitions

Customized offensive sets & plays

Each player receives sufficient attention

Implementation of defensive strategies full-court press, half-court traps, zone & man-to-man defense

Friendly matches available

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